The Supreme Plan

After reading this novel, life on Earth will seem fictitious and illusory, and, if so desired, true life must be conquered in order to live eternally in Celestial Light.

Libros John Kumara
Libros John Kumara

Summary of the plot:

Tom Bosak, a successful broker in New York, decides to take break from his job, as he feels stressed and empty. What at first is a well-earned rest becomes a spiritual calling that will reach its zenith during a trip he decides to make India with his girlfriend, Patricia Ross. Tom is unaware that his soul is highly evolved, until an anchorite, named Kashi, reveals to him in Benares that his soul is the reincarnation of the master Rishi Kaushica, and that he is to fulfill a spiritual mission on Earth.

Following several years of great effort and sacrifice alongside his master, expanding his consciousness with millenary yoga techniques, Tom experiences nirvana.

Tom and his master travel in their physical bodies to the etheric realm of Shambhala. The Lord of the World, accompanied by the great ascended masters of the Great White Lodge, reveals to him the essence of his mission, which consists of transmitting the arrival of a new messiah.

Just when Tom, together with Kashi, is preparing to travel back to New York to fulfil his mission, the forces of evil intervene in an attempt to thwart him. Will he succeed in his mission?



The worst nightmare of the Clergy, particularly the Vatican, was always the inopportune arrival of Christ Maitreya on Earth, and that his presence would cause them to lose power.

The Supreme Plan is based on the premise of higher concept. The story revolves around a series of strange and unusual events which will thoroughly amaze the reader.

Evaluation of the novel

A science fiction novel that combines elements of current issues and psychology immersed in a prophetic plot anchored in historical and cultural events. It proves to be an enjoyable read for a wide audience of both sexes of an upper-middle professional class, between 15 and 75 years old, who seek the knowledge and wisdom of the beings that govern us from beyond. Therefore, its prevailing literary value also possesses the ability to entertain and inform in the spiritual, esoteric and mystical.

It is a singular and unusual novel that will leave an impact on the reader, provided that it is read THOROUGHLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY.