Libros John Kumara
To all those humble spiritual aspirants who seek light through faith, I suggest that they familiarize themselves and adhere to the karmic and sacred laws of God.

Following the reading of The Supreme Plan and A Reunion in Heaven, one becomes more aware of the consequences of faltering on the path and that half-measures are not valid; those who serve light cannot also serve darkness.

The reader will acquire a greater sensitivity and may enter a critical state of consciousness, since this reading can induce profound reflection on the evolutionary state of the soul.

The Supreme Plan and A Reunion in Heaven are perhaps two of the best and most entertaining novels of their genre.

It is recommended the novel The Supreme Plan is read first as it includes a glossary that may help to clarify many doubts.

A message for readers with a thirst for spirituality:

The novels that I humbly write, at times with great effort and sacrifice, constitute a spiritual path in the search for the light and to becoming, by the grace of God, whether in this or in some other life, an Ascended Master. They are tools to guide and define one on the difficult path to achieving the ascension of the soul.

These are fictionalized spiritual and mystical works which hold the key and the wisdom necessary to resolve karma and to evolve, helping to guide beings following what is often referred to as death, to reunite with their soul mates and the entity of the family roots of their ancestors. Furthermore, they serve as a compass, an aid in reaching the abode of God. This is all possible for certain evolved souls.

After reading these works, one becomes aware that without pure and divine love, faith, will and hope, one reaches a point where to go on living makes no sense. Time is relentless and lives pass by. For this reason, the soul must evolve as fully as possible in each life: otherwise, we must expect further reincarnations and other opportunities offered to us by God.

Your thoughts, feelings, words, deeds and decisions should be close to perfection. The misuse of free will causes the soul to stagnate and the being may suffer intermittent karmic disharmony.

John Kumara