The Autor

John Kumara

Name: John Kumara
Born: May 11, 1957, Mogente, Valencia, Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation: Novelist
Genre: Esotericism and reflective spirituality

John Kumara

Born in Mogente, Valencia (Spain), this Spanish novelist and screenwriter is one of the most widely read authors in the genres of spiritual, esoteric, mystical and metaphysical novels.

In 1987 he practiced natural medicine (naturopathy and homeopathy) and other branches of alternative medicine. He is an expert in fasting and has completed seven strict and severe fasts of 40 and 41 days.

Nowadays, he dedicates himself exclusively to writing his novels, which in addition to offering an invitation to reflection, sublimely captivate the reader.

His first novel, The Supreme Plan, enjoyed unprecedented success. It came about as the result of a profound spiritual restlessness that followed several strict water fasts consisting of ingesting only water with a few drops of lemon juice and a little honey as fructose to counteract blood acidemia and to prevent entering in coma. This was his only nourishment for 41 days. Through such practices, John has nurtured his spiritual consciousness and thinks of himself as an "unpolished" mystical person. He recognizes that he is far from divine perfection but strives to achieve this daily through effort and sacrifice, in the hope of getting ever nearer to this goal.

His second novel, A Reunion in Heaven, arose from profound reflections on the subject of death, a question that so deeply affects human beings. With regard to this topic, it occurred to him to substitute the term death for immortality.

The essence of the novel is that the soul is immortal and that, if filled with spiritual richness, it can achieve the reward of an end to continual reincarnation. Consequently, it will pass into the celestial kingdom via the ritual of the Ascension, inherent to all beings.