A Reunion in Heaven

Libros John Kumara
Libros John Kumara

Summary of the plot:

The happy marriage of Margaret Thompson and Peter Doyle is brought to an abrupt end by a dramatic traffic accident in which he dies and she is left blind. Margaret receives an important sum of money in compensation for these serious consequences, which is complemented by the no-less-important amount she receives as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy contracted by her late husband. Her comfortable economic situation attracts unscrupulous people, including Thomas Corbett, who pretends to be in love with her.

Through an energetic message at a mental level from an ascended master called Santro –a disciple of the master Samitu– Margaret learns that she is a Great Soul, and shall be instructed in the esoteric mysteries in order that she may fulfill her mission on Earth prior to undergoing the ritual of Ascension. It is also revealed to her that Thomas is an impostor whose negative influence over her hinders her spiritual evolution. She experiences astral travel with Santro which will help her to unmask the Machiavellian character and the dark arts of the man who claims to love her.

Once this episode is complete, Margaret dedicates herself to fulfilling her mission until the day comes when she will undergo the Ascension ritual. In this new dimension in which she lives, she will meet her grandson, Peter –a reincarnation of her husband– who died prematurely aged seventeen, shortly after his grandmother passed away.

Will Margaret Thompson, the writer and mystic, be able to make the necessary sacrifices for her spiritual evolution, faced with the obstacle of her blindness? And, at her time of dying and following the ritual of Ascension, will she find and live in glorious eternal life... and be reunited with her soul mate?

A Reunion in Heaven is a story based on the premise of higher concept.

Evaluation of the novel

It is a novel whose story combines current issues with psychological elements and a plot centered on the beyond and the celestial life, a unique novel, out of line with the ordinary. It is an enjoyable read for a broad public of both sexes of middle to higher professional classes, between 15 and 75 years old, who seek wisdom and knowledge of the beings that govern us from beyond. Its overall literary value is entertaining and informative regarding the spiritual, esoteric and mystical.

It is a singular and unusual novel that will leave an impact on the reader, provided that it is read THOROUGHLY AND COMPREHENSIVELY.